The application and the release of test force are performed by a hydraulic system in this tester and a work cycle can be completed automatically. The tester is especially suitable for determining the Brinell hardness value of large-sized metal work pieces.


  • Measuring range: 32-450HBS
  • Test force:
    7.355, 9.807, 29.42KN
    (750, 1000, 3000kgf)
  • Distance between penetrator and worktable: 10-1000mm
  • Distance between two vertical columns: 1350mm
  • Dimensions of worktable (L x W): 1500 x 1000mm
  • Power supply: 380V AC
  • Dimensions:
    main machine 2000 x 1800 x 2180mm
    control box 510 x 500 x 1450mm
  • Weight:
    main machine approx. 3000kg
    control box approx. 40kg