Advantages of the Characterization block

Many standard reference blocks can do the job, but rare are those really made for phased array. Why be embarassed with up to five blocks when you can replace all them by one?

  • Good to practice and understand phased array features
  • Build DAC curves
  • Reference to detect long-term changes in the characteristics of an instrument
  • Determination of beam profile
  • Evaluation of beam steering capability
  • Evaluation of linear and angular resolution
  • Evaluation of focusing ability

Main Features

  • Designed for phased array
  • Four series of side drilled holes
  • Four additional angled holes
  • Polished with HARFANG and serial number written on it
  • Small size and low weight
  • Available in carbon steel, stainlessand aluminium


  • Instrument performances evaluation
  • Customers demonstration
  • Focusing calibration
  • Quality of signal verification
  • Build DAC curves