The dynamic application of the Pin-Brino® system is suitable specially when the size of the work-piece makes it difficult or impossible to hold in a vice. It is widely used in measuring hardness of castings, forgings, billets, moulds, dies, bars, rails, shafts, round & profiled steel sections, sheets from 6 mm and above, coal pulverisers and related equipment.


Prior to each test, a small steel calibrated pin, specially designed and ground for strength and precision, is inserted into the penetrator. Load is applied by the blow of a medium heavy hammer (2 kg) causing the indentor to shear the pin, and an impression is obtained on the specimen. Variations in impact load are immaterial, since only the impact load required to shear the pin is applied on the indentor, and no more.

Special tables provided with the instrument give the hardness corresponding to the diameter of impression.


Range BHN:
100 to 450 with a standard indentor

230 to 650 with a special carbide indentor on specific order

240 x 115 x 55 mm

1.25 kg

The tester is supplied in a deluxe wooden box with 50 pins, tables & instructions for use, and a 10x MAGNIFI-SCOPE® measuring magnifier.