The hammer type Poldi impact hardness tester is useful for simple and quick determination of Brinell hardness of metals such as steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminium, Copper etc. Due to easy handling and manoeuverability, this tester is most suitable for testing heavy castings and other components.


Load is applied to the specimen and a standard test bar in a linear direction through a special Brinell Ball of 10 mm dia. by a hammer blow. With the impact load being consistent, the extent of indentations obtained on the specimen and the test bar depend on their hardness, harder material gives less depth of indentation. The two diameters of indentations are measured by a special “Magnifiscope” measuring magnifier supplied with the tester.

By referring to the table provided, the hardness of the specimen can be determined.


Brinell Ball:
10 mm dia. Fixed in a special holder with a spring loaded plunger.

Standard Test Bar:

Each bar individually calibrated with multiplying factor markings.


Measuring magnifier Measuring range : 10 mm – Scale graduations : 0.1 mm – Magnification : -10 x – Accuracy of Measurement : 0.05 mm


Comparison Tables for finding hardness. Separate Tables for Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Copper and Aluminium.


170 x 65x 40 mm (approx.)