Proceq has announced their new Equotip portable hardness tester which is more cost-effective for single probe users. The Equotip 540 is ideal for regular basic usage without extensive reporting needs. Compared to the Equotip 550 which combines Leeb with portable Rockwell and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) methods, the Equotip 540 comes with reduced software and reporting features and with the basic accessories only (no test block, surface roughness comparator plate and coupling paste). The Equotip 540 still has best-in-class features and can be upgraded to the Equotip 550 at a later stage if required.


  • More cost effective for single probe user
  • Only for Type D and UCI probes and these are not interchangeable
  • Operator must assign the impact direction prior to testing
  • Equotip 540 Leeb D for on-site testing of heavy, large or installed parts
  • Equotip 540 UCI HV1-10 for fine-grained materials with any shape and heat-treated surfaces