Basic Flaw Evaluation

A set of small lightweight and convenient to handle welds specimens, each containing either one or two flaws and a minimum of 15 flaws per set. The sets are designed for practical training to provide an introduction to flaw detection, sizing and interpretation.

  • Introduction to basic flaw detection
  • Introduction to basic flaw sizing
  • Introduction to basic flaw interpretation
  • Simple weld geometry’s

Set contents

  • 10 small flawed specimens
  • Average 15 real flaws
  • Flaw location details
  • Testing and acceptance criteria
  • Certificate of conformance

A sturdy wooden storage box is available for each set.

Sets are available in UT, RT, MT, PT and VT methods.

For Level II training and qualification ie ASNT-TC-lA, PCN, EN473 and others.

See attachment for specifications and available forms.