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Sonatest Railscan 125+

Sonatest Railscan 125+

Sonatest Flaw Detector designed specifically for Rail Testing.

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For more than 30 years the Railscan name has meant exceptional performance with class-leading design within the rail infrastructure market. The new Sonatest Railscan 125+ flaw detector delivers a higher level of near-surface resolution and penetrating power into a portable and rugged enclosure. It also offers more measuring capabilities than its predecessors for rail applications such as:

  • rail walking stick inspection solutions
  • rail manual defect sizing
  • rail bottom depth measurements

Approved by Network Rail, the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales, the Railscan 125+ takes part in the quality control procedures to ensure integrity assessment of the UK railway network.

The Railscan series instruments are used by different private and public railway companies all around the world. Designed
in cooperation with railway specialists for railway applications, including:

  • Walking Stick Compatible (Sperry Rail, NRS and any other bi-directional walking sticks…)
  • Rail-Thickness auto-logging function saved directly to a spreadsheet format
  • Single-shot PRF for high-speed multiplexing
  • USB outputs to support custom software systems (e.g. Sperry palmtop with GPS)
  • Long Battery Life (up to 16 hours, quick re-charge time)

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