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Sonatest X-Series Ultrasonic Phased Array Transducers

Sonatest X-Series Ultrasonic Phased Array Transducers

The X-Series range of Phased Array Transducer offers broad choice in transducer specifications (frequency, element size and quantity) together with the assurance of industry standard configurations.

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Building on the Phased Array NDT instrumentation range from Sonatest Ltd, the X-Series of transducers now offer the operator a broader choice in range and frequencies; together with the assurance of industry standard configurations. These X-Series phased array probes have an integral 2.5 metre cable and an IPEX connector, compatible with the Sonatest veo and other leading phased array testing equipment. Most probes are also available with a 5 metre cable, part numbers ending in IX500.

Probes and Adapters

Sonatest manufacture a wide range of Array and Mono-element probes suitable for use on the veo and other phased array flaw detectors.

The DAAH (Detachable Active Array Head) range provides a unique phased array probe solution using standard cables and a range of detachable probe heads. This concept brings advantages in cost and gives the end user more flexibility in the field during the inspection process.

The Sonatest Array Wheel Probe provides a very effective solution for the standard beam inspection of large areas, particularly in corrosion assessment and composite

Encoders and Scanners

Many NDT applications require accurate measurement of position. This can be done in several ways. The Sonatest QuickTrace encoder attaches to a probe and measures the distance moved. Clips and clamps are available to suit different probe types. Where more than one probe must be moved together a variety of scanner systems are also available.

Calibration Blocks

Accurate measurements require accurate calibration. Some reference blocks are also particularly useful for training.

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