Spectronics Corporation has developed the new EDG-4W overhead UV lamp specifically for NDT wash stations. The EDG-4W lamp offers extra wide coverage whilst remaining at an appropriately low level of UV intensity. The lamp’s IP65-rated housing allows the EDG-4W to operate well in wet and dirty environments.


  • Nominal Steady-State Intensity of 1,400 μW/cm2 at 122cm
  • Nominal Steady-State Intensity of 670 μW/cm2 at 183cm
  • Nominal Steady-State Intensity of 380 μW/cm2 at 244cm
  • Light Source: (4) UV-A LEDs
  • Lamp Style: Panel flood lamp
  • IP65 rating: Dust-tight and water resistant
  • Easily mountable with a flexible arm for specific angles
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 28 x 36 x 23cm