2F958 Filter
Filter, for BIB-150P Series, FC-Series, Maxima 3500 and SB-100P lamps.


AF-100 UV-Transmitting Splash Guard 
This exclusive accessory protects the filter from spattering liquids, such as water and penetrant wash. The AF-100 easily clips firmly onto the lamp head and is readily removable.

Compatible UV Lamps
BIB-150P Series, C-100 Series, FC-100 Series, FC-100 Series, Maxima 3500 Series, SB-100P Series

AB-100 Adapter Bracket 
Now, for the first time, Spectronics Corporation’s UV lamps can be instantly attached to horizontal wet-mag machines manufactured by Magnaflux Corporation. Before, end users could only use Magnaflux lamps with these machines, since their transformers were built to slip into the machine’s side-mount. The new AB-100 adapter bracket converts the side mount into a sturdy tray to secure the world’s most popular inspection lamps, including the Spectroline FC-100, MB-100, SB-100 and SB-100P series. The end user no longer has to drill holes, build shelves or tie down the lamp to the mag unit. Designed to last a lifetime, the AB-100 is made of solid stainless steel and is precison engineered.

The dimensions of the AB-100 bracket are 7W x 5 3¼4L x 2″H (17.8W x 14.6L x 5.1 cm H).

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps
B-100 Series, C-100 Series, FC-100 Series, MB-100 Series, SB-100 Series, SB-100P Series


DR-75 Carrying Case shown with DRC-100X and four sensors
FA-100 Flexible Arm 
Designed for maximum versatility, the FA-100 measures 24″ (61cm) when fully extended, and allows 360° rotation of the lamp head. It is constructed of rugged cast aluminum.

The lamp head attaches to an adjustable pin on the FA-100 that can be pivoted as desired and locked into any horizontal or vertical position. The flexible arm may be used with the Spectroline W-6 wall mount or the B-6 bench mount (both separately available). The W-6 attaches easily to a wall and utilizes a stationary pin to mount the arm. The B-6 also has a stationary pin, attached to a 36″ (91cm) pole that may be secured to a bench. The FA-100 can be adjusted to any height on the pole.

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps
BIB-150P Series, C-100 Series, FC-100 Series, SB-100 Series, SB-100P Series, SB-125 Series, SPR-100 Series, SPR-100P Series, SSC-100 Series

HGS-100A Heat Guard/Stand 
This stainless-steel, vinyl-coated heat guard/stand makes lamp operation safer by protecting against accidental burn injury. Special insulators keep it from touching the lamp housing, thus minimizing heat conduction. The HGS-100A helps prevent mechanical shock damage, resulting in substantial savings on bulb and filter replacement costs. In addition, the HGS-100A acts as a stand so that the lamp head may be placed filter-side down on a level surface without damage to the lamp.

The dimensions of the HGS-100A heat guard/stand are 8 5/8L x 6 1/2″W (21.9L x 16.5cmW).

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps
FC-100 Series, SB-100P Series, SPR-100P Series

WM-100 Wall Mounting Bracket 
The WM-100 is a sturdy bracket for wall mounting of the lamp head. It is equipped with an adjustable pin for total flexibility. Simply affix the stainless steel bracket to a wall and place the lamp head on the pin. Now, the lamp head may be locked into any horizontal or vertical position desired by means of a quick rotation of the adjustable pin.

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps
BIB-150P Series, C-100 Series, FC-100 Series, SB-100 Series, SB-100P Series, SB-125 Series, SPR-100 Series, SPR-100P Series, SSC-100 Series

SQ-130 Pedestal Stand for Q-Series Magnifier Lamps
WQ-240 Wall Mount Bracket for Q-Series Magnifier Lamps
VF-100 Spec-Stik
The VF-100 Spec-Stik is a clever device that holds a Spectroline® UV inspection lamp securely in place during the calibration process. This rugged bar is constructed of polished, high-precision aluminum. It has two posts at one end and an adjustable radiometer-sensor holder at the other. The posts hold the pistol grip of the Spectroline UV lamp to be tested. Depending on which post is chosen, the lamp filter will be positioned exactly 12″ (30.5cm) or 15″ (38.1cm) from the sensor. Its bracket is adjustable up or down so that the sensor can be precisely aligned with the “hot spot” of the lamp. This assures that only the most accurate readings are being taken. The Spec-Stik eliminates juggling and assures superior accuracy at the same time!