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Spectroline AccuMax XS-555 Luminance Sensor

Spectroline AccuMax XS-555 Luminance Sensor

The perfect accessory for the AccuMAX Series meter. Ideal for technicians performing radiographic examinations. Meets ASTM E1742 standard.

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For NDT technicians performing radiographic examination, the XS-555/L luminance sensor is available as an accessory to provide film viewer output measurements in cd/m2.

The new Spectro-UV AccuMax XRP-30000 with XS-555 Luminance Sensor will allow verification of the intensity of the light from film viewers and accordingly the density of film that can be viewed with the viewer.

Verify that your film viewers comply with ASTM E1742-05

Measures luminance intensity up to 1,000,000 cd/m2

Display readings in:

  • Candela per square foot – 1,000,000 cd/m2
  • Candela per meter squared – 90,000 cd/ft2
  • foot Lamberts – 285,000 fL

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