The static application of the pin shear system is capable of producing results which approach those of a bench type testing machine. The whole screw assembly can be easily removed and inserted in other clamping devices which customise testing equipment. It can also be used for dynamic applications. This clamping support when bolted to a bench facilitates testing of sccessive small parts. It is capable of testing small and large parts with equal accuracy.

A wide thread spindle lowers the penetrator rapidly onto the specimen. Then a smaller drive screw takes over and, after 2 to 3 turns, breaks the pin. This produces an impression which is converted into a Brinell Hardness number from the special tables provided.

Technical Data: 

Range BHN : 100 to 450 with a standard indentor
BHN : 230 to 650 with a special carbide indentor on a specific order.
Dimensions : 400 x 230 x85mm
Weight : 7.0kg
Accessories :