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Twin KDS Test Panels

Twin KDS Test Panels

A pair of nearly identical panels measuring 2.6 inches and 0.090 inches thick with matching crack patterns of known sizes.

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The Twin KDS Panels are two panels, each measuring two by six inches and having five sunburst style cracks included in a brittle metal plating, which has a depth of approximately 0.001 inches (26µm). The cracks run along one side of each panel, top to bottom, in varying diameters. Adjacent to the cracked portion is an unplated strip of medium rough, grit-blasted stainless steel for removability evaluation.

The Sherwin KDS Panels were explicitly designed as a realistic means for complying with the ASTM E-1417 requirement that in-use penetrants be compared side-by-side to new, unused penetrants. Sherwin Twin KDS Panels give accurate, reliable information not obtainable by referring to impressionistic verbal data or nonfluorescent photographs.

ASTM E-1417

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