The UV100H is a light-weight, powerful LED headlamp with 365nm UV-A output. The UV intensity is up to 15,000µW/cm², and covers an area 10 cm wide from 38 cm distance.

The body of the headlamp is made from corrosion-resistant and anodized aluminium with IP65 classification.


  • 15,000µW/cm² at 38cm
  • IP65
  • Adjustable angle
  • Suitable for head and helmets
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
  • Battery pack located on back of unit, so no loose cables hanging from unit
  • Filtered output to minimize visible light, while maximising UV.
  • Full battery charge last approx. 5 hours of use, with 2nd battery included in kit
  • Weight with battery 238g