VSP-Vacuum boxes

consist of an approx. 100 mm wide break-proof sight glass made of highly transparent, flexible plastic, which is equipped with a special soft rubber seal. The vacuum box is evacuated by a freely swivelling valve, which seals in any orientation. The valve has a conical adapter for the half inch vacuum hose. Economic length lies between 500 and 700 mm. Other lengths are available on request.

Vacuum boxes come in an extented range of sizes. A full range is covered in the attached pdf file, and includes boxes for testing butt seam welds, overlap fillet welds at all angles, butt and fillet welded circumferential seams. There are vacuum boxes for special test requirements

Round, square or angular vacuum boxes

Highly flexible, special vacuum boxes

Vacuum boxes with an extremely highly flexible sight glass for adaptation to geometries with curved surfaces with more than one curvature axes, measurements approx. 100 x 150 mm and bigger.

Specially designed vacuum boxes

For many test requirements which are not mentioned here, e.g. for leak testing of overlapping round seams (sleeves), connecting piece seams and many other special geometries, vacuum boxes have already been designed or may be designed according to a sample or drawing.