Wilnos H “Universal”, luminance approx. 45,000 cd/m2, for densities up to D=3.7* as per EN 25 580,illuminated area 8.5 x 22 cm, with cooling fan for continuous operation, heat filters, foot switch, switchable to foot switch mode or continuous light mode, with infinitely variable electronic luminosity control and adjustable background luminosity in the case of foot switch mode. Complete with 2 additional masks, aperture sizes 5.0 x 22 cm for 6 cm wide films and 4 cm diameter for glare-free viewing of film sections.

With 3 halogen lamps 24 V / 150 W, for connection to 230 V a.c.**


* Sometimes claims are made with regard to similar equipment, whereby the viewable film density is quoted as being D = 1 (or more) higher than the density values listed here which comply with EN 25 5280 and others.

** Some of the units described on this page are also available for mains-supply versions other than 230 V/50 Hz. We will be pleased to send you further information and a quotation on enquiry.