The LCD 301’s “little brother”, ideal for mobile NDT/industrial use. This instrument is battery operated, the measured value is displayed in digital form on an LC-display. Ultra-modern electronic components have made it possible to keep power consumption exceptionally now. The 9V alkaline battery (low-mercury “Green” type) supplied is therefore adequate for an extremely long operating period. Should power nonetheless diminish, a “LO BAT” signal on the display panel reminds the user to replace the battery in good time. A particularly handy accessory just right for mobile use is the carrying case for the LCD 51.


Battery: Commercially ovailable 9V alkaline battery, 6LF22
Measuring Aperture: 2mm diameter
Measuring Accuracy: ±0.05 in the 0 to 5.0 range
Measuring Range: 0 to 5.0
Display Accuracy: ±0.01
Single Measurement Period: Up to D = 4, approx. 1 sec.,

Up to D = 5, approx. 5 sec.

Dimensions: Approx. 8×14.5x4cm
Weight: 210g including battery