Woodpecker WP632AM-R portable electric tapping detector solves problems with the conventional coin tapping. The WP632AM-R realized electric tapping by employing a central processing unit (CPU) which comparatively evaluate the output of a force sensor attached to the hammer unit. The quantified inspection results are indicated with LEDs and numerical values in built-in display. The WP632AM also allows transferring of inspected results to computer for detail analysis and for record.

The WP632AM-R is compact and lightweight allowing single handed operation and significantly reduces time required for inspection with high accuracy.

The WP632AM-R has been recognized as authorized NDT equipment by Airbus and Bombardier Aerospace. The WP632AM-R is also codified with the NATO Stock Number 6635-99-282-4319.


  • Detection of disbond/damages/moisture in honeycomb sandwich materials
  • Detection of disbond in composite materials, tiles, clad steel, coatings, etc.
  • Detection of disbond of joints in composite structures such as the helicopter blades
  • Location of beams in walls
  • Detection of boundaries between different materials
  • Detection of dryness (hardening) of bonding agents, etc.
  • Comparison and evaluation of surface hardness (elasticity) of various plates
  • Detection of the unfilled area within foamed sandwich panels