Digital Optical Micrometer Kit

Digital Optical Micrometer Kit

The 8400K Digital Optical Micrometer was specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the depth and width of surface features, like scratches from wiper blades or corrosion pitting, to mechanical parts.

Very specific maximum allowances often apply to surface damage, and exact measurements are essential to determine whether or not a part should be kept in service. The 8400K brings remarkable precision and integrity to this important judgment process, allowing "repair or replace" maintenance decisions to be made with absolute certainty!

Replace the "fingernail test" with a precise method

  • Versatile design - use in a workshop or the field on virtually any surface.
  • Large, clear digital LCD display features a one-touch toggle from inches to mm.
  • Backup visual inspections with exact measurement data.
  • Improve quality control, traceability, documentation, and monitor trends.

Make the right repair decision everytime! 
Avoid scrapping costly parts which are still in tolerance and stop investing repair hours on parts that are not!

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RFS Item Code
MAGNIFERS:8400K Micrometer
Digital Optical Micrometer Kit
RFS Item Code: MAGNIFERS:8400K Micrometer
RFS Item Code
MAGNIFERS:8400K Micrometer