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Compassion Australia makes a difference to the lives of Children. Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus Name is their mission statement and this they do well.  Here at RFS we are supporters of a number of sponsor children, 4 presently, from Ethiopia, Uganda, West Africa and Kenya.  We also have some of our staff supporting other children. We get regular letters from the children (translated), and progress on schooling results and other activities.  Victor Bernard Katali was our first in 2003 and he is now almost 23 years of age.  Victor lives with his family in Tanzania.  Over the years we have seen him grow from a little boy to a young man and recently he has graduated from the programme, having had learning and life opportunities that would not have been available to him without support.  We find this a real privilege to be able to make this contribution into the lives of our children.

Let me encourage you to check out and see if you are challenged to help.  We have found Compassion to be very responsible and to operate with the greatest integrity.  Compassion International was founded in 1952 and Compassion Australia now supports over 100,000 children.