The Ceram Series is well known in the industrial radiography industry for reliability, high performance and robust build-quality. The new Ceram 35P PANORAMIC portable generator is the latest offering from Balteau NDT and offers no less than 300kV, 5mA and 100% duty cycle for incredible image contrast, even at full power.

The Ceram 35P is set to become the industry standard due to it’s classification as a high power portable unit and it’s ability to be operated with the classic CF2000 control unit or the widely used Hand-X Wireless Remote Control which allows the user to control the generator at a distance of up to 100 metres.

Gas insulation and special component selection have produced one of the lightest 300kV panoramic unit X-Ray generators in the market. The Ceram 35P is extremely versatile and reaffirms Balteau’s reputation for producing high quality equipment that excels in the toughest operating conditions.