A Baltomatic system is an independent unit that is designed to perform inspections tasks in manual, semi or automatic mode with or without the assistance of an operator. It is generally a combination of several elements interconnected together going from the shielded enclosure to the manipulator and the imaging software for digital solutions. Balteau is known for its long tradition in the manufacture of X-ray units and as a solution provider in systems for about 100 years. Balteau builds standard systems but also unique, customized units as you can have specific requirements. Balteau is indeed specialised in providing the adequate and customized solution to simple or complex products.

The Baltomatic series is showing you a basic overview of what has been produced by BALTEAU in the recent years and all systems presented in this brochure can be adapted or modified to fit exactly into
your own requirements. Contact Russell Fraser Sales for assistance.


The AIS201 is a Real Time Radiography (RTR) inspection system especially designed for the control of cylinders. This inspection system will drastically cut down the inspection time and cost, thanks to its motorized (automatic optional) handling 5 axis manipulator. Equipped with an x-ray generator from 160kV to 225kV, a fl at panel & much more, the AIS201 is one of the best cylinders inspection RTR system available on the market. With the latest version of the Inspection suite, it will facilitate and accelerate the everyday inspection jobs allowing to record motions and to automate the inspection. The operator will also be able to process the image with the IPS012 Image Processing Software.


The AIS203RD has been created to inspect metallic and non-metallic components in all sorts of industry but mostly in Aeronautics. Every single element of the installation is configurable and highly flexible to be used in different applications in digital radiography. The system is built around a robot for the detector/source movements in order to provide the user with every possible inspection angle that could be required and that can be fitted on the main manipulator.


The AIS228 is a very compact equipment that provides you with numerous advantages. A wide variety of samples as well as different thicknesses can be inspected with this unit. This shielded cabinets includes, as irradiating source, a directional X-ray generator from the very well-known and efficient Baltospot range. These cabinets are generally made of a steel structure with lead reinforcement to assure a proper shielding against radiation outside of the confined area. This user-friendly equipment can be very easily operated with a maximum safety.


The AIS228X is the powerful version of the AIS228. It is a very compact equipment that provides you with numerous advantages. A wide variety of samples as well as different thicknesses can be inspected with this unit. This shielded cabinet includes, as irradiating source, a directional X-ray tubehead and a generator from the very well-known and efficient Baltograph range.


Latest standard & automatic real time system developed by Balteau. The AIS229 has been designed to do series inspection in a wide variety of industry. Composed of a shielded cabinet, 5 axis manipulator, x-ray generator and tubehead from 160kV to 225kV, a flat panel & much more, the AIS229 is most certainly one of the most multipurpose RTR system available on the market.


First real time system developed by Balteau including a ADR module and completely made to work on production line. The AIS500 has been designed to do automated inspection in a wide variety of industry for component from small to middle size thanks to the bar code scanners on both ends, the
AIS500 will recognize the component and start the inspection without any action from the end user, automating completely the process.


The AIS958 is a very compact complete digital & automated x-ray system. A wide variety of samples with different thicknesses can be inspected with this unit. Thanks to the 5 axis motorized manipulator,
the user has the opportunity to radiograph a sample from all angles and thus, achieve a complete inspection. In addition to being complete, the AIS958 can be mobile with its installation in a trailer (optional). This allows the user to move over a wide area and thus respond quickly and effectively to customer requests.