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Catch II Personal Radiation Alarm

Catch II Personal Radiation Alarm


Catch II Personal Radiation Alarms are no longer available.
Catch III is currently in development.

For alternative, see SM-4 Personal Radiation Alarm

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Catch-II is personal radiation alarm monitor, which alerts a person to the presence of GAMMA-ray or X-ray radiation in their immediate environment. Compact, portable and rugged, the Catch-II can be taken anywhere that there is a risk of the presence of radiation and is ideal for NDT technicians. If radiation is detected, the unit will vibrate, flash and beep. Please note, the Catch-II is a warning device only, and is not intended to measure radiation levels.


Radiation Detector: Gamma-Ray & X-Ray
Detector: Semiconductor Detector
Energy Range: 80keV – 1.2MeV
Measurement Range: 10µSv/h – 10mSv/h
Battery Type: Rechargable Li-ion Polymer Battery
Typical Battery Life: 1 month
Charge Time: Approx 3 hours
Charge Method: USB
Size: 80mm H x 56mm L x 18mm W (plus clip)
Weight: Approx 70 grams including battery


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