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EchoTrack Ultrasonic Couplant

EchoTrack Ultrasonic Couplant

Product discontinued

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EchoTrack is the lowest price, high-performance ultrasonic couplant with improved resistance to corrosion salts and is formaldehyde and glycol ether free.

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EchoTrack is an ultrasonic couplant for NDT flaw inspection and thickness gaging that is compatible with most materials, has excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition and is formaldehyde and glycol ether free.


  • Operating Range: 18°F to 180°F (-8°C to 82°C)
  • Viscosity: Standard (medium: flowable gel)
    High (stiff gel, stays in place)
  • Halogens and Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm
  • pH: 8.0 nominal at 20°C
  • Compliance: ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (T-533)
    FAA AC #25-29 (Glycerin-free)
    NAVSHIPS 250-1500
    Nuclear grade (less than 50 ppm Halogen & Sulfur)
  • Packaging: 1 gal / 3.8 liter, with one bottle, dispensing cap
    5 gallon / 18.9 liter, two bottles, dispensing faucet
    55 gal / 208 liter drum
  • Corrosion Characteristic: Very good

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