The EMATEST-PL is an innovative, solutions based fully automated and in-line nondestructive testing system which addresses multiple material condition assessments in metallic plates, coils, weld line skelp, etc., using Ultrasonic, EMAT and/or Eddy current methods on 100% of production, provides valuable information for grading, quality inspection requirements and process control data of production nearer to the process to help eliminate waste from process condition changes.

​EMATEST-PL inspects flat product on the production line. Utilizing our advanced intuitive and operator friendly software test results are displayed in the form of a defect map in real-time mode, and simultaneously saves the results on a local or external drive for further evaluation, re-evaluation and analysis.

The EMATEST-PL series achieves multiple inspection tasks:
Detection of internal imperfections in rolled plates, ingots, and slabs such as: laminations, non-metallic inclusions, porosity, shell, sponge, etc.;
Detection of surface and sub-surface defects;
Detection of zones of mechanical properties uniformity (Hard Sports);
Precise wall thickness measurement;
Plate Geometry Monitoring.

Main Ultrasonic Testing Parameters
Test Sensitivity:
-For internal imperfections: equal to FBH 2*;
-For surface imperfections: equal to notches 0.2 mm x 10 mm (D x W);
Wall thickness measurement accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm;
Testing Speed: up to 2 m/s.
*Depending of material to be tested

Type of Applied Multichannel Ultrasonic or Eddy Current probes:
Non-contact array probes, based on the EMAT;
UT phase array probes;
UT probes with the array of piezo-crystals;
Eddy Current probes.

Typical Specification of Plates to be Tested:
Width: 100 mm – 6000 mm;
Length: from 3000 mm;
Thickness Range: 3 mm – 350 mm;
Material: carbon steel;
Surface Temperature: up to 600 deg. C.

Ultrasonic Testing Standards:
Density of Ultrasonic examination, test procedures, acceptance criteria, data processing and representation adhere to multiple international and local standards such as: GOST 22727, SEL 072, ISO 12094, API 5L, ASTM 435, ASTM 578, DNV-OS-F101, EN10160, JIS0901, JIS0801, ISO10893, ISO3183
Testing and acceptance criteria can be customized based on client specific needs and new standards.