FLT-65 is a Liquid Hydrocarbon base product specifically designed to be used as a fluorescent type leak detection fluid. To be used by the brush on method of application. It is formulated so as to evaporate at a relatively fast rate, and leave the surface under test in a much cleaner state than would be the case with a standard fluorescent dye Penetrant type of material requiring a considerable amount of post cleaning following the leak test; whereas in most cases FLT-65 only needs to be allowed to evaporate, and therefore no post cleaning is required. FLT-65 contains a Level 3 Penetrant, with level 4 being the most sensitive available.

The product, following application to one side only of the component being leak tested is then scanned by a UV lamp on the opposite side to which the product has been applied. This UV lamp scan should be carried out in darkened conditions with no more than 20 Lux of White Light Illumination. Five to ten minutes should elapse between application of the FLT-65 and viewing for indications of weld porosity or leakage.

Ensure no fumes remain inside vessels before attempting to re-weld. The product is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. KEEP DRUM CLOSED, STORE IN A FLAMEPROOF AREA, DO NOT INHALE FUMES, WEAR AN EFFECTIVE MASK DURING USE. DO NOT ALLOW SMOKlNG near or during use, and DO NOT ALLOW NAKED FLAME, OR HEAT NEAR THE AREA OF USE. If the product is used in an enclosed space, ensure that persons have adequate ventilation and fumes are removed from enclosed space by positive displacement with air following testing.