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GAS-GLO ULTRA Fluorescent Detection Additive

GAS-GLO ULTRA Fluorescent Detection Additive

Fluorescent additive for petrol and diesel fuel, for quick and easy detection of leaks.

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GAS-GLO ULTRA Yellow (Replaces GAS-GLO 32)
  • Pinpoint Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Leaks Quickly and Easily
  • Simple 3-Step Procedure Requires No Intensive Training
  • Proven Safe in Field and Laboratory Tests
  • Locate Problem Leaks Not Found with Any Other Method
  • The Choice for Fuel Leak Detection Since 1955
  • Used and Approved by Major Manufacturers

Spectroline GAS-GLO ULTRA Fluorescent Leak Detection Additive is the choice for all types of fuel system maintenance, it can be used in cars, trucks, heavy equipment, railroad locomotive engines, fuel storage tanks and pipelines – in short, wherever gasoline or diesel fuel leaks are suspected.

Safe to systems
Extensive testing and years of field use have proven that GAS-GLO is completely safe to fuel injectors, filters and lines. It meets SAE cleanliness standards for new hydraulic fluids, contains no wear or contaminant metals, and was designed with particles small enough to pass through filters without clogging them.

GAS-GLO finds previously undetectable leaks
GAS-GLO has been employed for years in troubleshooting leaks undetected with the unaided eye or other methods. Locomotive engine repair shops at some of the largest railroad companies in the country use GAS-GLO to detect the presence of fuel in the engine lube oil. A test stand that bypasses the main fuel tank and circulates the fuel/GAS-GLO mixture through the engine compartment (where fuel-lube oil leakage would occur) is one cost-effective way to use Spectroline Additives, as is adding GAS-GLO to the fuel filter. The suggested ratio of GAS-GLO is 1 ounce per 10 gallons of fuel for a bright yellow-green glow, although you may be able to “stretch” this ratio to 20 gallons or more depending on the fluorescent response required.

Simple 3-step Procedure: 

  1. Pour in the premeasured Spectroline Fluorescent Additive.
  2. Run or circulate the system.
  3. Trace the suspect area with a high-intensity Spectroline Ultraviolet Lamp. All leaks will glow brightly, revealing their precise location! It’s that easy!

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