Only OK parts required for calibration

Proven Preventive Multi-Frequency Testing with 8 test frequencies at each test location

32 test locations (each with 8 tolerance fields) enable maximum flexibility

Basic instrument includes 2 coil channels (up to 32 as an option)

Maximum stability of results due to automatic calibration

Highest test reliability due to PMFT and automatic calibration

High-speed testing within milliseconds

15″ touch screen for easy and clear operation, with many useful graphic options

USB2.0 and Ethernet interfaces for easy data transfer to PC and printer and remote control, data storage to USB stick

Programmable access levels for different responsibility levels

Desktop version (DS) and the new two-part switch panel version (MS)

The eddy current test instrument Eddyvisor® xS is designed for testing material mix, heat treatment (hardness, case depth, temper, etc.), sinter density and structure differences.

Eddyvisor® xS is specifically designed for versatility in production lines or laboratory use and its principle of operation is based on ibg’s Preventive Multi-Frequency Testing (PMFT). Thus it provides a far greater degree of reliability than single frequency eddy current instruments.