Is it possible to conduct Rockwell hardness tests in just seconds on large, long and unsupported specimens? It is with the new generation Versitron® Series of Rockwell Hardness Testers.

The Versitron has the capacity to amaze first time users who are acquainted with the limitations of other Rockwell scale testers. Most experienced testing personnel are quite familiar with tedious requirements like using jack rests on large parts, constantly cleaning testers and test parts, slow test cycles and cutting parts so they can be tested.

The new Versitron changes all of this. The unique clamping ability is an inherent part of the Versitron, providing the user with the ability to clamp and hold even awkwardly shaped components (e.g. Crankshafts) under high force and eliminates any need for the use of external supports such as jack screws. Eliminating the need for cutting specimens prior to testing means accuracy is improved and testing time is markedly decreased.

Accurate and repeatable tests in as little as 4 seconds can now be performed by relatively unskilled operators and concerns over diamond indentor breakage through parts shifting under load are a thing of the past. The intelligent indenter shroud of the Versitron ensures that the test surface reference is constant and unaffected by dirt or foreign objects. The shroud not only protects the surface but travels with the test surface should the component deflect under load. This is not possible with other Rockwell hardness testers.

Frequently cleaning of test parts is eliminated. Large specimens can be clamped in seconds prior to applying the load without supports or tools and without affecting test results. Small tapers can easily be accommodated with standard components.

The full colour, icon driven display, facilitates intuitive menu navigation with test results provided in large font for easy visibility. The fact that the display is oil and dirt resistant and easily cleaned, makes this instrument suitable even in the harshest environments.  As well as on-screen reporting of results, histogram and statistical summary reports are also made available through an optional printer.

The Versitron’s load system is modular and self-contained within the test head and which can be easily exchanged to measure different Rockwell scales. Various Drive options are available increasing the instruments versatility.