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VISIOPROBE Remote Visual Inspection with Pan & Tilt Camera

Small diameter cameras, but with all Pan & Tilt features. Visioprobe cameras are easy to use, waterproof and highly robust (an outer shell in aluminium or stainless steel for contaminated environments, sapphire lens). They will meet your requirements and last long.

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Russell Fraser Sales has added the new FORETEC VISIOPROBE remote visual inspection system to their range of NDT borescopes and videoscopes. This system is more than just a videoscope; VISIOPROBE consists of a sophisticated camera, a user-friendly control unit & various mobility tools including telescopic poles, push rod/reel and centering devices. VISIOPROBE offers superior remote visual inspection with features such as pan & tilt camera heads, adjustable focus and centering devices with extra illumination.

The VISIOPROBE system offers high quality 28mm & 45mm camera diameters depending on your access requirements. The 45mm cameras are equipped with pan & tilt rotation. The main control unit has a user-friendly interface with simple menus for photo capture/video recording, plus convenient joystick operation. A carbon fibre telescopic pole, push reels and connecting cables are available with varying lengths depending on your application. Russell Fraser Sales can assist you in putting together the best VISIOPROBE package for your NDT and inspection needs.

Watch the video below for an excellent demonstration of how the VISIOPROBE system can save time and money for remote visual inspection in tanks, containers, pipelines, pressure vessels & many other hard to reach or large industrial systems.

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