Russell Fraser Sales Pty Ltd now has access to the NDK – 019E EMAT Thickness Gauge.

A convenient, compact, sophisticated and innovative field instrument, the EMAT Wall Thickness gauge NKD – 019E UltraSonic can be used to measure the thickness of components, pipes, vessels and other metal objects – easily and precisely.

The gauge enables measurements to be taken at a vast range of surface temperatures, from -20 to +720 degrees Celsius. As a rule, plastic coatings, paint or limescale on the surface do not affect the results of measurements.

The unique properties of this gauge are caused by the clever use of the principle of electromagnetic-acoustic transduction (EMAT), allowing ultrasonic waves to be generated and received by metal objects without direct contact or the use of couplant. The gap between the material being tested and the electromagnetic acoustic transducer in the gauge can be as high as 4mm.
Non-contact Thickness measurement of aluminium, ferromagnetic and stainless steel products can be taken without a couplant and even if the surface of the test object is rough, dirty or covered with scale.
NKD-019E can measure up to 1.5 – 100mm with resolution of 0.01mm and wave speed automatically optimizes according to temperature.

Typical Areas of Application: Metalwork Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Aerospace Industry, Construction of transport and machinery, Ship building and repair.