Over the last 30 years ACFM® technology has played a major role in ensuring the safety and integrity of critical infrastructure worldwide and it continues to gain momentum in NDT inspection as the most accurate solution for surface crack detection. TSC is proud to release a revolutionary new portable ACFM instrument – PACE™.

PACE embodies robust, user-centric, ergonomic features; with a high-contrast toughened screen, long battery life and supported by a new generation of software. Ensuring high levels of data integrity and assurance, PACE will be setting new standards for the non-destructive testing for surface breaking crack detection.

TSC’s functional design approach continues in the new and innovative probe range SENSU™, which partners PACE. These pencil style ACFM probes, with a straight nose and right angle nose, have been designed to perform easy, continuous scanning whilst being able to gain access to challenging tight angle inspection areas. As “intelligent” probes, the SENSU range stores configuration information and provides instant feedback of scanning status whilst in use.


  • Reliable, repeatable crack detection using ACFM
  • Accurate defect sizing, length and depth
  • NDT inspection through coatings, no cleaning required
  • No in-situ calibration required
  • Integrated, portable, robust design with IP65 rating
  • Large 17.7cm toughened, bright LCD screen
  • Built-in camera, 5MP, for on-site images
  • Long life battery (8+ hours) with desktop & in-car charger
  • 4 secure corner harness points (IRATA compliant)
  • All features accessible whilst wearing gloves
  • Feature design enables single-handed operation during inspection (left or right hand)