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Phoenix Swipe

Phoenix Swipe

The Swipe is a two axis scanner for c-scan inspection of flat or curved components of any material. It features automatic brakes on both axes for stability and is available with interchangeable scanning rails of different widths. It is ideal for use with linear phased array transducers.

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The Swipe scanner includes a wide rail to give a sweep of data before being incremented in the rolling direction. Scan lines are recorded sequentially to give unlimited data collection in the rolling direction for the given scan width of the rail. The Swipe scanner is encoded on both axes and can be configured to operate with a range of probe and wedge combinations.

It is possible to easily interchange the rail to suit the coverage needed with standard widths of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm available. The main body of the Swipe holds the rubber tyre wheels that provide excellent grip and stability on the surface. The wheels stay inboard of the Swipe’s rail making it possible to scan to the edge of components and as close as possible to obstructions. The wheels are linked to assist with maintaining the Swipe scanners direction whilst rolling.

The Swipe scanner incorporates quick-release brakes on both axes that provide stability throughout the scans. The intuitive brakes are lifted when either the rail or the rolling body are moved and are automatically applied when the hand is removed making the Swipe inherently stable during inspections.

The Swipe scanner was initially created with the aerospace industry in mind and is ideal for use in maintenance and repair operations. Its lightweight portable design allows operators to carry it to the aircraft to perform fast and accurate C-Scan inspections with no set-up time. It is ready to inspect straight out of the box and does not require any installation time. It is more lightweight and portable than alternative scanners and able to cover a relatively large area for its size.

The Swipe can operate with any two-axis flaw detection system, primarily portable phased array instruments. It includes a linear encoder on the sweeping rail and a wheel encoder that rolls against the surface. The encoders can be wired to suit the customer’s instrumentation. Optional accessories include; 4 magnetic wheels for operation on ferritic material, a three button junction box that can be configured to start, pause and save scans providing the user with complete inspection control without the need to leave the scanner.

  • Versatile: unlimited scan length (rolling axis)
  • Compact: Ideal for use in restricted access areas
  • Fast: quick to set up with quick release features
  • Adaptable: for use on any material and in any orientation
  • Operator-friendly: features make inspections easy
  • Compatible: can be used with any acquisition unit
  • Interchangeable swipe arms available from 400mm up to 800mm
  • Dual axis encoding
  • Unlimited scan length (rolling axis)
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Quick release brake locks rolling axis to maintain position during swipe scan
  • Three button junction box to start, pause and save scans
  • Quick release handles
  • Weight: Max. 5kg (dependent on configuration)
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder resolution: X = 65.6 steps/mm Y = 1000 steps/mm
  • Encoder connector: Any
  • For use on ferritic and non-ferritic material
  • Can be used with any manufacturers probes, wedges and instrumentation
Model Length (X) Width (Y) mm (in.) Height (Z) mm (in.)
Swipe 400 unlimited 400 (16) 155 (6.2)
Swipe 600 unlimited 600 (24) 155 (6.2)
Swipe 800 unlimited 800 (32) 155 (6.2)

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