Monitoring the Hardness of Metals:

In 1975, Proceq invented the revolutionary portable metal hardness tester “Equotip”. The standardized Leeb principle, also invented by Proceq, makes measuring metal hardness very simple. The new Equotip Piccolo 2 / Bambino 2 continue Proceq’s fine tradition of inventing best-in-class products.

The Differences between Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2

The Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 are both suited for on-site hardness checks of metals where the test indentation should be as small as possible. The robust design and large display allow the user to work at dusty worksites with low visibility. Both products also display metal hardness in all common scales.

The Equotip Piccolo 2 offers the same features as the Equotip Bambino 2, but has the following additional features:

  • User defined hardness conversions
  • Piccolink software for:

a) Systematic real-time monitoring of hardness
b) Automated testing during serial production
c) Evaluation and processing of measured data
d) Remote controlling of Piccolo 2 settings

Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 are supplied with a D impact device. It can be interchanged with an optional DL impact device, which is useful for measurements in restricted areas.

Key Accessories:

  • Equotip DL Accessory Kit
  • One battery lasts up to 200 hours or more
  • Test Blocks
  • Support Rings

Please see attached brochure for detailed specifications.

Click here for an infographic on how to maintain your Equotip Piccolo Bambino 2 Hardness Tester on the Russell Fraser Sales website blog.