Standard Flawed Specimens are designed and manufactured to meet the re-quirements of all known internationally recognized Qualification Programs.

  • Advanced training and practice prior to qualifications on:
    • Flaw detection
    • Flaw sizing
    • Flaw interpretation
  • Realistic size welds
  • Common weld geometries

For Level II training, practice and qualification i.e. ACCP, ASNT-TC-lA, PCN, EN473, API and others

Sonaspection flawed specimens are available either individually or in sets.

Individual specimens

Contain three different flaws and are:

  • All different
  • Uniquely numbered
  • Supplied with NDE reports
  • Supplied with acceptance / rejection criteria

Recommended sets

  • Contain a selection of individual specimens as above, with an average of three flaws per specimen
  • Contain at least one example of each flaw type listed in the flaw table
  • Contain a minimum total weld length of 360cm (144″)

See the attachment for specifications and available flaws.