Hand-held Probe Densitometer with digital LCD for NDT/industrial X-ray film density measurement.

  • Standard probe with 2 mm aperture diameter.
  • Measuring range 0 to 5.0 D.
  • Measuring accuracy +/- 0.05 D absolute across entire measuring range, repeatability accuracy of instrument +/- 0.01 D.
  • The hand-held probe, in slimline-pen format, is interchangeably connected to the control unit by means of a highly flexible 1.30 meter long cable.
  • Semiautomatic push-button zeroing.
  • Densitometer calibration from the outside.
  • The unit is equipped with a serial data output ( RS 232).
  • The unit is delivered ready to use with 9V-battery and 230 VAC plug-in power supply.

The display is continuously illuminated when mains powered, when battery powered illumination may be switched on. Immediately ready for operation, no warm-up time needed.