In modern Industry, the need for fast and accurate inspection is a key factor when purchasing equipment. Steel structures are sometimes difficult to bring to Inspection facilities and there is then a need for using mobile equipment that can be operated easily and safely, even in a crowded environment. However some applications also require very high power, therefore strictly portable equipment is insufficient to perform heavy duty works. Among these application environments are Shipyards, Nuclear Power Plants, Steel Foundries and Heavy Castings.

Balteau first introduced its solution to the problem in the 1980’s with the 4 kW CMD, Baltograph Mobile Unit and has continued to develop technology giving an unequalled level of flexibility and ease of use. Our competitors have developed similar systems but they have not achieved the correct energy levels in mobile versions of CP Stationary products.

With the introduction of the new XSD series, with its innovative maintenance free High Voltage solid insulation block, Balteau have achieved significant reduction in size and improved efficiency. By using the latest technology and its knowledge of portable high power systems the XSD system meets the strictest standards for mobile systems, including an overall width of under 60cm for effective use in shipyards.

XMD is a series of products aiming to perform in all applications where test pieces cannot be brought to specific inspection facilities and therefore have to be inspected in where they are produced or used. The XMD trolley holds the generator, the tubehead, the control unit, the cooling unit and the cables, making it simple to transport it to the item being inspected. The XMD is able to accept a wide variety of different tube housings, different focal spot sizes and beam configuration such as Directional or Panoramic on the same connector. The XMD series also uses the innovative LS1 control unit from the XSD series, which has been designed using intelligent assistance to provide semi-assisted parameters selection. This computer based controller assists in performing either new applications or repetitive ones, reducing retakes due to wrong parameter settings and to allow formal reporting for quality management requirements.

Very compact generator units are utilised allowing the width of the carriage to be less than 60 cm. Air cooled power blocks and extremely simple connection sets reduce failures due to bad contacts. For service purposes, all elements are locally serviceable and replaceable, with adequate spare parts and properly trained engineers.

Tubes are pre-coded into the units, allowing future upgrade options and automatically calibrates the unit to the specific tube for any particular application. The LS1 controller has standard functions like automatic preheating, cooling management, focal spot settings, KWC functions and even TV (Digital and Radioscopic) modes.

Should the user wish to use the product as a semi-permanent stationary unit, Balteau provide optional accessories to facilitate the correct positioning of the unit or tube. The basic XMD series exists in Monopolar units of 3 and 4 kW (100kV – 160kV – 225kV) but Bipolar versions (320kV – 420 kV or 450 kV) can be built on demand for bespoke applications.