Designed for mounting onto workclass ROVs for measurements on deep water pipelines or where it is inconvenient for divers to take measurements. Shallow water version pressure tested to 2000m and stainless steel deep water version pressure tested to 4000m.

  • Depth rated to 2000m or 4000m.
  • The ROV Gauge sends thickness measurement data to the surface via an RS-422 serial link. Cygnus can supply the RS-422 umbilical cable up to 1200m in length. For longer distances, using a fibre optic multiplexer, the ROV gauge can output data in RS-232 mode.
  • Supplied with CygLink software to display and log thickness measurements from the ROV on a computer at the surface which can be saved to a file and printed out.
  • CygLink has two data logging facilities: Quick Log for simple recording of thickness measurements and Structured mode with four templates available – Single Point, Multi Point, Grid Point and Key Point.
  • The Cygnus Top Side Repeater (TSR) is available as an option and has the facility to display the thickness measurements remotely and overlay them on to a video signal. This allows the measurements to be superimposed on the ROV camera’s monitor screen.
  • Selectable Deep Coat mode for measuring through coatings up to 20mm thick.
  • Fitted with a safety Pressure Relief Valve and Securing Eye.
  • Easy calibration at the surface via CygLink software or Top Side Repeater (TSR) unit.
  • Removable end plate for full serviceability with access to the Option Switches, Fuse and Status LED.
  • Wet mateable ‘MC’ style underwater connectors.

Typical Applications:

Shipping Industry Deepwater Pipeline Inspection
Offshore Industry Pier & Piling Inspection


Materials: Sound velocities between 1000 to 9995 m/s
Range in steel: 3mm – 250mm with 2.25 MHz probe

2mm – 150mm with 3.5 MHz probe

1mm – 50mm with 5 MHz probe

Accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Resolution: 0.05mm
Probes: Single crystal soft-faced compression remote probe.

13mm – 2.25, 3.5 or 5MHz

19mm – 2.25 MHz

Power: 7.0 – 30V DC @ 150mA (max)
Size: 88.9mm diameter x 205mm long (inc. fittings)
Weight in Air: 2000m depth model – 0.975Kg,

4000m depth model – 4.100Kg

Operating Temp: -10°C to +50°C